My first exotherm on a hot coat

after polishing off my 6th gallon of KK epoxy I encountered my first exotherm, lost about ~3-4 oz in the bucket. Poured water in the bucket to cool it down. Board is fine, looks killer. 

Shot a bigger than usual bucket for a shortie and wanted leftovers for a tape dam on another board, but my plot was foiled by the exo. Pouring out a little beer this evening for the fallen resin. A little sad…


I should’ve poured my tape dam first, eh? Get it all out the bucket ASAP, and work fast… wasn’t thinking. pretty damn tired today. long work week

how warm is too warm for a hot coat @ 6’? @11’?

if one ever gets exotherm gnar on their board, that stuff sand down just like norm epoxy or does it need to be scraped?


EDIT: the deck on this shorty isn’t flat, has some convex & slope to it, I think that’s why I held more in the bucket.

yup, lesson learned…

a big wad of resin will exotherm regardless of temps.

it’s been said before, “get it out of the bucket!”

anyway, glad the board came out good… pics?


squiggly carbon+glass/pinline tape. “squiggly flex” hehehe


Ha, I did that on my first board. I was reading how much people would use for a 5’7", and figured I’d give myself some more just to be safe. Well I gave myself a lot more, and left it in the pot cause I was obsessing over the glass job. I stopped obsessing when I saw smoke coming from the pot.

And I glanced at the picture real quick, and was like what the hell is up with that tail. But then I realized it’s the tape. Squiggly flex sounds good to me.