My First Fish and Questions

Ok below is a link to pictures of the board. i have a few questions though.

  1. when installing the fins. should i use the laminate resin or the hot coat resin?

  2. what are your opinions on this fiberglass website? i was thinking about ordering some resin and fiber-glassing supplies from it. i am really into it now. is there anywhere with cheaper cloth?

my board -

Tap plastics -

I buy stuff from Tap quite often because there’s one near my house. Its not the cheapest, but when you factor the cost of shipping from elsewhere or the cost to drive to Santa Cruz (Fiberglass HI or FSC) the cost is the same.

I’m very happy with the Tap Epoxy resin & medium hardener. Its a little slow, but cures perfectly clear & sands almost as easily as polyester.

Their S cloth is too expensive, like $12/yd for 6oz! But, 4oz E in 50" wide is only $6.30 and at 50" you can split it in half. So its only $3.15/yard which is dang reasonable. Same with the 50" 6oz E which is $6.85/yd. And I actually cut the 50" at about 22" & 28"…the 22" is perfect for the first deck layer which doesn’t need to wrap rails or for layers under sandwich skins or for deck patches, etc. and the 28" can wrap full rails on the biggest logs…

The epoxy is a 4:1. $67.75 for a gallon of the resin and $22.50 for a quart of the hardener. So $100 for a gallon+kit, same as RR, Sys3, West, etc. They all know the price point. But I just ask for a commercial discount (no account required) and I get the resin for $60.10. Never hurts to ask :slight_smile:

BTW, I don’t like their polyester resins. I’ve had trouble with bad curing, milky lams, and dead MEKP. I don’t think my local store sells enough to turn it over fast enough. One of the many reasons I’m pretty much epoxy-only these days…

Do you live in point? If so there is a good place down south called mahogany company, they sell silmar resin and its pretty cheap. I actually live in ocean grove and i just order all my supplies in bulk from I am actually glassing a board tomorrow, hit me up if you have some interest in watching. Believe me im not great, but i wish i had watched somebody before i started my first one. Later

I use lam resin to install fins. Then, hotcoat the whole darn thing. Mike

what rooster said. Put the fins on just after the lam, using lam resin, and hot coat over it all. Then you can sand it all out real nice.

HINT… last board, I did a fins-only lam resin cheater coat so I’d have plenty resin on/around the fins to work with. This will be part of my standard routine from here forward, for glass-on fins.

But I’d still rather set Ofishl, Futures, or Fins Unlimited fin boxes, than make my own fins and glass 'em on.

well i just glassed on the fins. how important is the glass rope? the resin kicked alot faster then suspeced but i got them in there and lapped the cloth on them. looks kinda messy hopfully i can sand it and the hot coat will hide some of the mistakes. hoping to hotcoat tonite when the fins are cured.

first set the fins with 5 min epoxy (works great with little to no mess) then create fillet with rope which provides strength at the base were. then layup two sides of 4 oz cloth on each side with lam resin then hot coat. sand smooth.

ok well its dried now. i just used the resin to fill the box that the fins went in. there are some bubbles in the crack where the fins fall flush with the board. but im not goin to worry about this, first board i got the idea of how to do it. once it is cured im going to hot coat. will this make the board any stronger? around the fins at least? i got surfacing resin from the store this is what you use for the hotcoat rite?

Why did you comprimse your glass job w/ those fin tabs?

What do you mean? why did i make Tabs on the fins?

why did you cut a slot in the board ? no need. the fins should have been made with no tab on bottom, then u should have just glued the fins on top of lam .

oh… just an idea i had. i had this vision of me leaving the fins to set up and coming back to them fallin over and glassed to the board flat. haha. well i guess for the next i wont do that. but i finsished the board. here are the pictures. thanks for the help. its not cosmetically pleasing but the real test will be in the water.