my first power planer

I bought my first power planer for $20, do you think that it’ll be good for shaping some blanks??Tell me your opinion about my ney tool…

Thank you all

From Portugal…

It will be serviceable.

Not being able to adjust depth of cut on the fly limits the usefullness of it. But you can skin blanks and get thickness down more easily thanusing hand tools.

Use it, do a board or two, and then get the Clark modified planer.


Looks like the Chinese-made copy of the Makita. I have two (one blue, one yellow). I held them side by side with the real Makita, and even the casting marks on the housing were the same. I think they really are the same tool, just that one has the Makita label, the other doesn’t.

AND, the Makita drive belt fits perfectly (you’ll replace yours after a year and a half).

ALSO, watch for failure of the cord just where it enters the plug. Too much flex there and the outer insulation breaks, then one or more of the wires starts to show, you get sparks, and it’s over, until you replace the plug.

I LIKE THEM. The absence of a “change-depth-on-the-fly” is something I don’t need. Use it, know it, you’ll like it. And for that price it will be hard to beat. The “real thing” Makita costs about $120 or more; the Clark modified Hitachi costs double that. What you have will shape a board just as well, in the hands of most of us.