my first shape!

hey guys, i know all this has probly been answeared a million times, but i couldnt find much on it, and im brand spankin new at this!


i got my blank all shaped, so doing the bottom deck first. do i apply the resin first, or put some cloth down first ? and when i come to the rails do i cut the cloth and do them seperate or what ? how many layers of cloth do peole usually use ? just one i thiiiiink but then again i know basically nothing? im not really excpecting a good board out of this, more of a learning experience for future boards.

thanks for any help you guys can give me!

Go buy the glassing 101 video,or look up glassing a surfboard on You Tube.

You will save time and money.On my first surf board my friend glassed his board first.Then I poured the resin on my glass and he could not find the squeegee.I had to use a dust pan to move the resin around.Good times!!

Have fun,


Check out

I like the Glassing 101 video. I also like a small book called “The Ding Repair Scriptures” by George Colendich. I’ve heard lots of great reviews about Jim Phillups (spelling?) Master glassing video. Spend some time and money on research before you glass that board…

There’s a catalyst chart out there some where. I think fiberglass Hawaii.

Millions are posts about everything here in the archives - but to get you started, check out

Your board will come out great if you follow his steps.

Any problems, then trouble-shoot them on this site!

Good luck, and post some photos!


thanks alot guys. ill check those vids out. hopefully it turns out nice

ill post some pics up here!