My Friend Needs Your Help/Sri Lanka Tsunami - Updated w/pic

As some of you guys know, I work at Reef. On Monday morning, I was very saddened to learn that the brother of one of my co-workers (and close friend) was reported missing in Sri Lanka, after the tsunami hit.

My friend’s name is Marcelo Bengoechea, and he is the Creative Director here at Reef (that’s right, one of the many things he does is come up with all the sick ads you guys drool over in the mags). His missing brother Fernando is a well known photographer from NYC, and also does alot of work for us, here at Reef.

Some of you may have seen Marcelo on ‘Larry King Live’, Tuesday night, where he told his family’s painful story to the entire world.

Marcelo just called me, and asked me to post the following info on the BB, in the hope that someone may have information regarding his brother, Fernando.

PLEASE forward the link to this page on to anyone you might think would have ANY information regarding Fernando.

Thank you all,


Info Marcelo asked me to post, along with a recent pic of Fernando:

Fernando Bengoechea is missing in Sri Lanka, he was swept by the

tsunami while staying at the Stardust Beach Hotel in Arugam Bay.

Fernando Bengoechea

American Citizen

White, male, 39 years old but looks younger, 5’8",

155 lbs, brown hair, dark green eyes, and he has permanent dental braces.

Please call with any info (usa) 858-583-1114

or email:


For those of you who have been following the story, Marcelo Bengoechea just asked me to post the following information, regarding his brother:

Dear Friends,

Based on all of the information we have gathered and the search teams

extraordinary efforts, we still have not heard any word of Fernando.

Therefore, it is with great sadness, we are forced to presume Fernando

died in the tsunami. We believe everything that could be done has been.

This is a difficult thing to say, comprehend, and accept. We are sure

there will always be a bit of hope in our hearts. We want to thank

everyone for their prayers, thoughts, words, hugs and love. Fernando has

so many dear friends and such an awesome support system who have been

with us through this terrible tragedy. He will be greatly missed…

Appreciatively Yours,

The Bengoechea Family

Please pass this on to whoever you feel will appreciate it.


Condolences to you and your extended family at Reef.

The brothers definitely made a mark in this industry in a short time and I’m sure it will never quite be the same again at work.

There will always be a glimmer of hope and a prayer here for a miracle as you never know…

Many sad hearts everywhere now days.

Take care and aloha

Thank you, Oneula, dear friend.