My Mango green "JETFISH" w mid-toned aqua blue/green quad!

Even without your comment about the nose, I’d be writing to tell you that I like the way you handled it.   I  prefer a much less exagerated beak nose myself.    Board looks quite good.   


Thanks MUCH -Bill! The technique I used to cut was one I copied a good shaper do! That said, I just figured the rest out by trying it! Anyway, I set pp on a low setting, I angle it accordingly -then shave it about 2" or so(back to front shave/cut)…the rest I surformed and block sanded…ya know to clean it up n shape it…I dulled the nose tip all around…rounded it out using the flat of sanding block…Right. It doesn’t look right too thick.:))

BILL - I just took a side view shot for you! My beak is not wafer thin, but thin enough… it took two small shaves about 2" or so…at that point I just hand shaped the rest! I felt it was ‘close enough.’


yes indeed a ride report please !





Nice board…waiting for the next shape and a ride report !!!

Feels good to build and ride your own shapes…looking forward to the next one and the one after that…



Ty Sir! If you like the Fish boards, and if you or anyone wants to build one -it’s a simple design! But do check out that vid about fish tails cut outs…trust me fishes are a bitch! But that vid is excellent! Atleast for the fish tail part. Thanks man.

Bear w me I gotta save up for a wetsuit! It shouldn’t be long tho…they got body glove wetsuits on sale at big five, and I could also try O’neil’s sales, or rip curl outlet. Thanks gentlemen! :slight_smile: I’ll get my ride reports, and I’ll try to get pics or a video of me riding it!

Jim, I think you’re a fair bit taller than me, but I have a tub of old wetsuits your welcome to. Let me know. mike

thanks -Mike! I am gonna pick up a body glove wetsuit bcuz I can get one for $109.00 + tax at big five. But I might call the rip curl outlet, or 0’Neill’s on 41st to find out when they are running a sale. I just want a deal FWIW.

Mike - I talked to -Lowel! I think once
he makes his way up here -we should all shape a board each man!?
Mike- I’m hell bent on learning about resin art; swirls, boarders etc…etc…I’ll order sum boxes!

When I test it, well - I’ll first try it as a quad, but if the waves are small - I could put the front twins in the back and see how it works as a twin! This is another reason why I should build another one! But I’ll put the fins exactly like in fronts for both pairs!? And if I don’t put a too accelerated tail rocker it should work well as twin or quad!? It’s worth a try… I’m working on slightly pulled tail version for a 6’1" x 22". ,gonna make a it so medium sized - to bigger guy’s can ‘tear it up!’ It’ll have ample length, plenty of width, and I could spread out the thickness to float 170-220 lb guy well… and if I do a single to double concave…it should be lively even though it’s bigger…let’s see what I can do!


That Big 5 suit might not be enough for around here.  How tall are you?  Even my old suits will be warmer I recon.  Plus, I’ve NEVER pissed in them… Hah. Mike

Mike - thanks for your info! No worries, I think you’re right! I better pony up for a suit that’s going to fit and keep me warm. I’m getting bucks soon so I should have a suit that’s good to go! But ty.

Would you be free this weekend? I’d like to cut out my new templates! Maybe start shaping my blanks! This pulled in fish idea has gotten me thinking…we should build more fishes! I’m beginning to think my new version might be kinda a swallow tail? But it’s gotta be similar to my old board…

Anyway, if your suit is med or large it won’t fit right.I got my old lrg victory from the nineties and it’s too tight. I might sell it? Its in.cherry cond

Mike hows the surf out in carmel? Strangely I have never surfed there.I did surf down by casa verde eexit…it was small but fun! :slight_smile:

Im sure our fish boards would work perfect outhere! I took my 6’ thruster out there, but it was too stiff…I think your twin or quad would blaze outhere!

Carmel always sucks. Cold,onshore wind, nothing but close outs. Mike

Around here if your tight on $ it’s better to invest in a good wetsuit rather than a good board. If your cold your not gonna use that nice board much. Mike

that’s why I’m buying during s sale…but maybe I could find a deal? I’m heading to santa cruz this weekend to pick up my paycheck. I got a job painting houses w sum bull dyke chick.anyhow, the dyko is into bit**es…lol. so yeah, it’s about makin my dough and splittin…

Sorry my files are too big bcuz I can’t find any software to scale down my pics?Anyway, I will get a normal pc this weekend so I’ll be able to also do some template files also…enjoy my hand made/shaped board! :slight_smile: -Jim