My Mango green "JETFISH" w mid-toned aqua blue/green quad!

Here it is! :slight_smile: Shapaholic’s one and only “JETFISH 4 QUAD FISH” is done! Let me know what you think! Everyone at the glass shop loved it…And so do I!!! :slight_smile: Cheers from -Jim Shaper/designer

Folk’s -I wanted it light so my glasser and I decided 6/4 deck 4 bottom + I got a yellow light blank - so it’s “performance oriented.” Enjoy! -Jim

Congrats on completion.  

Outline looks nice and clean.

Got a profile/foil shot?


Jim - that looks awesome, you did a good job on it, and the glass guys did too.  One thing I gotta compliment you on - no logos!  I love the clean look of no logos.  Very old school looking, other than the quads.  Where did you get the template?

Looks great! How tall and wide?

Nice and next the ride report…

Good job Jim.  Very nice. 

scroll down i posted a pic of it. Thanks for the comps! :slight_smile: Jim

Folk’s if I didn’t say so already my color job is “foam stain.” upfront, it’s a cost effective way to get color…


5’11"x21" to the T! It’s not too small! It’s only 3" shorter than a 6’2" fish I tried that was very stable.

THANK MUCH -Lowel! You gave me those “low rails” tips! They’re nice n low! Thanks again man! And I THANK THE ENTIRE SWAYZ GANG! Thanks guy’s!!! :slight_smile:

will do! I hope someone could vid tape me goin bat shit crazy on her!!!

I made the front half w baton, rear half i borrowed -MIKE rooster’s template which I think is a very nice shape. THANK MUCH -Mike! Btw - Mike’s Fish’s are sweet! I’m working on a new template (more curve in tail) …not tons!

About my foil: I used a stock arctic MABILE fish blank… I did not add any rocker in the nose… however, I foiled the nose (on deck side) a bit thinner from tip towards wp. Not all the way but close! I cross cut a little about three blades width from nose tips towards center at a 40 deg angle with bed nose of planer towards nose…I cut on both sides of blank same deal… low setting just hacking away bits here n there making it evened out… then I sanded the ridges out smooth w block sanding…had to surform a bit to flatten it out, yet retain curves… then I took a spoke shave kept foiling it down towards wp…as before. Lotta eyeballing it! Took caliper to check thickness at 12" from tips…the rest I eyeballed cept center thickness I checked there to… I put a tad of tail kick from fins back on the fronts…gave a 1/4" boost! That there foiled my tail! Very little foiling on the tail on deck tho…just surformed and sanded and winged it…real easy does it tuning…

Mattwho! That thumbs up made my day! thanks Much!

I am hoping to shape more, even shaped blanks that people can glass on their own…this would be in my location…it’s going to a blast testing these things!

thank you! I plan to make big ones, small ones, same size etc… I’m thinking about making a pink fish w magenta for ladies…and these bad boy MANGOES FOR GENTLEMEN!!!:smiley: Here’s a good close up of my fish tail! Fyi I shaped it down w surform, block (gator sanding sponge) and sanding screen…used the foam ez micro round rasp to shave down the stringer, cut the tail out with Japanese pull saw 5"…ofcourse, I first sawed out crotch, shaved stringer, sanded & screened etc…in that order.note: I actually learned how to shape my fish tail by watching Tim Stamps vid on YouTube! Ty Tim for posting.

STOKED!!!  Your board came out great, Jim.  It’ll work great at the beach down the street from your house.  On the days when you can walk up or down the beach and find your own sand bar. Head high, a little bigger. WAHOO! Mike

It’s been hit and miss lately…how’s carmel beach been lately? Fyi I checked moss landing not too long ago and it wasnt big, but about three guy’s out and lookin fast, lined up, and pretty darn good! Also a offshore wind blowing! :0 thanks for the comps! Mike -my double concaves in the tail section ,gives my board a extra 6" or so in front of fins where rail is super hard! I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll help hold in on the freak bigger sets…you know the ones where tail will sometimes pop out??? I read the spiral vee in tail help- so we’ll see on test rides…gotta pick up a new wetsuit, leash coord and sum purple or grey blue stinkin good wax! T c

Folk’s - I just wanted to point out my vee I set in front of my front twins, and inbetween em’ - came out perfect! And I must confide a lowly surform & trusty hard 11x4" sanding block helped me dial it in! Knocking down the edges of rails back there in various angles w surform to fit the setup is what I did…I plotted it so to speak; or cut down down rails slightly in various angles to fit the areas right…it’s personal how you want it, so …but my cuts started at almost 90 at the top third area upboard, and the angles get more angular as you near the tail…so I cut like a saw w surform In close proximity w few gaps …then my sand block blends into almost what you’d call a flat panel…the sanding was similar…imagine a swimming stroke almost-which I call " winging it"…lol. im laughing, but it works insanely good! You could pp it, but after doin it by hand I like how I didn’t need power tool to make a perfect vee! I’ll try to make a video as I think boards w sum vee are amazing! If you like tipping a rail vee is a MUST! But I flattened out my vee a good deal out my tail block with the purpose of lessoning drag + dialing up speed…my test ride will better help
Me with future mods. Thanks for visiting.-J

Here’s my foil shot! I got most of my volume - center back, and it kinda holds about 24" up from board from tips of my tail…from here its going to thin smoothly out…then from fins back it thins even more! It’s personal.Anyway, I prefer a modernized eagle beak nose (flatter/thinner). Upfront, I foiled it to float me as I’m a slight large guy at six two and 205 lbs… so I left foam where it’s needed, and removed foam where not needed… I personally don’t care for super thin nose foils…I’ve seen too many snapped off noses, and decided to build also for strength…I don’t follow all the fads, but rather build what I want. Even my tail foil-while it appears thin, well - it’s not pencil thin either!