my new boards

heres my newest boards… there is a swell coming and my family is away so fair chance ill get these wet soon. 

firstly my latest mini simmons adversion. 5’6"x22"x 2 5/8"



And my DQX-diamond @ 5’10"x21"x2 3/4"

dqx-diamonddqx-diamond bott

How does that simmons’ tail work? looks like a pretty deep concave.

Wow great board I love a fresh idea.

Dave, got to hand it to you for stepping outside the square… again, Ha Ha.

well done.

you mad scientist.


you know it! the further i go from the square the more i learn about what is inside it!

Well said !

good one dave

                       so much to do so little time to do it inn

**                                                                                         keep posting em’’