My New Sanding Technique is Right On

Well, not a really new technique but after power planing any board and mowing the rail bands, I then go to a hand sanding block with…#36 grit sandpaper!! Takes it down nice and fast, enabling my “eye” to fathom much more quickly the design in my mind. Of course, ya gotta be careful, but it’s like night and day vs my old methods. Then it’s business as usual with the usual sandpaper and screens.

Good Job!!!

it’s all about figuring stuff out (and sharing it)

Personally, I like 40 grit just because I found the 36 left some gnarly scratches…

I find starting with 40, hand flat block, skip the power!

36 is very rough, and might use it only on the flats. After it wears out some, then the rails.