My New Spence Epoxy/Eps Hull

Spencer Kellogg offered to make it for me and boy is it beautiful! The board is a 7’2" displacement hull S deck. Dims are roughly: 7’2" x 17 3/4" x 22 X 2 7/8" x 16"

I had planned on riding it today (My 40th B-Day) but conditions were pretty crappy so I’ll have to hold off for awhile. It will definitely go to Mexico with me in mid July but, I really hope to ride it before then.

The pics were taken at work and the lighting is kinda crappy but I can take some better shots tomorrow. Special thanks to Spence for putting up with my relentess banter and questions. Also to everyone else at I-Shapes and Glass Monkey. The glass job is great and you wouldn’t even know that was eps/epoxy until you pick it up. I believe it has 6+6+4 deck and 4+4 bottom. This thing is white and light!

Two more pics:

looks great man.

Nice “S” deck. I am always impressed with Spence’s work. I need to check him out next time I visit family in Oxnard.



sweet foil!!

That’s a beauty. Thanks for posting it. I’m working on one now, and that’s great inspiration. Do you have a shot of the bottom contour? I’m going with a concave section down the middle, and I like a flatter top so I may have slightly less pinched rails from the middle on. It will be Balsa over EPS 6’ 10" X 21 1/2" X 2 1/2" with a rounded pin tail.


Thanks everyone! This is a really sweet board, too bad the pics are so washed out. It’s driving me nuts to have to wait to ride it.

SharkCountry, …Bernie’s brother? I’ll try to get some shots for you this evening. Possibly by this afternoon. I’d definitely like to see your 6’10".


is that one off the machine or did spence do it by hand? i saw one finished machine board in back room at vss-seemed like it had a little different template-ie, a wide arc tail.these pics look like a roundatail.i too, am interested in how it feels when in the water.


Also to everyone else at Glass Monkey. The glass job is great and you wouldn’t even know that was eps/epoxy until you pick it up. I believe it has 6+6+4 deck and 4+4 bottom.

I guess they let him out again. what a dud

you can say that again! cash up front please!!!

Hi Matt,

Yep, this was done on the APS3000 machine at 60 cuts. The tail is kind of a cross between round and rounded square, almost a thumb tail.

I had a chance to take it out at lunch today. Waves were knee to waist on the sets and not holding up too long but still kinda fun. (Desperation set in). It feels a little “corky” in the water but I think it’s just due to the fact that it’s so light. I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing. I’ve ridden other eps boards that feel the same way and it takes a little getting used to. It paddles really easy. There’s a good smooth feel to it in the water, it’s defitely not pushing water. Had three decent rides out of a dozen or so. (Reminder: Stay the hell away from the tail. Even in small waves.) Of the three good waves, two were lefts, which is kinda nice because I’m goofy foot. You know immediately when you hit the sweet spot on that board. It’ll glide through the wave without any feeling of resistance and really picks up speed. Well, as much as you can on knee-waist high waves. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it catches waves. I’ve had longboards that are harder to paddle.

This was a fun session but just a little taste of what is possible with this board. I can tell you that the “hook is set” and I can forsee many more fun sessions ahead.

Regarding Glass Monkey; I personally don’t know him nor did I know that he was glassing my board. I’ve heard stories about him and know that there is no love lost between he and Scott. What can I say, other than he did a very good job glassing my board. I don’t feel I’m in a position to debate or defend him.

Overall, I’d say I’m very stoked with the board and can’t wait to test it in better, larger conditions.


mark the shape looks nice though.

Thanks Scott, I’ll bring it by the shop sometime this week.

SrPato: Why’d you choose eps/epoxy over pu/pe?

I’m in the process of buyin a hull – been travelin a little lately, so i’m behind schedule - but i’m leaning toward pu/pu cuz i can fix it myself easier, I kind of like the idea of a little more weight for this type of surfing.

what advantage/disadvantage do you see with EPS/epoxy?



Hi J,

I was actually thinking about this while in water today. Here’s how I see things now, which is subject to change over time.

EPS Pros: Lightweight and strong are both pluses in travel. (3 layers glass on the deck and 2 on the bottom) Eps has a lighter feel in the water and in some ways, easier to control. Flex characteristics can be modified in eps by changing the “ingredients” in a board. For example: different resins offer varied flex. Blank densities can be changed as well stringer materiels/thickness. Glass types are another option.

EPS Cons: Repairs can be time consuming and more difficult. Eps is too light? It doesn’t feel the same as PU which is a factor for folks who have only ridden pu/pe boards.

I chose eps/epoxy because I wanted to try something new. I’m excited about the new materials available and I now have enough experience working with both that I can do my own repairs. I’ve only surfed Pu/pe hulls and saw this as an oppurtunity to experiment.


I’m betting that once everyone switches to EPS/Epoxy, you will be glad because if you have to get repairs done, by that point poly resin etc. Will harder to get locally, at least in qualities good enough.

A big part of the Liddle magic is his board’s flex. He’s worked out the PU foam thickness (foil) to glass schedule ratios to the perfect blend to get the boards to flex just right. As a trade off, you get a really light board that dents by looking at it. I suspect that Spence will have to screw around with glass schedules, EPS density, epoxy flex and board thickness for a while to work it out. It sure would be nice to get a board that flexes like Greg’s but will be less likely to dent.

Have you ridden a PU Liddle or Spence so you can compare?

I’m thinking the way to start is a pu/pe hull – see if i like the style, little down the road mebbe try an eps - take it from there. i thought (mrpato) that maybe you knew exactly what you wnated in an Eps board.

your board looks killa.




I understand what you’re saying about getting the right combo of materials. Between Paul Gross, Spence and Oliver? I’m hoping that Hullabaloo will work out the kinks for the eps/epoxy hulls.

I’ve ridden PU Liddles in the past but not recently so it would be an unfair assessment for me to go off of “old memories”. If anyone in Ventura/SB would like to like to meet and trade a Liddle for a Spence,for a session or two, I’d be willing. I surf the point regularly and can meet for a lunch session as well.


ILMAO right now!!! I’ve only had a few eps/epoxy boards and definitely don’t know exactly what I want. I do know that I’m very comfortable with eps boards and therefore more willing to test them out than ANY of my friends.