my old frye...

I think Toby has a new 6’8" blank thats supposed to be killer… My 6’9" is fun, but a little corky feeling. The smaller fish are easier for me to bury when turning and are more responsive. I don’t ride the 6’9" much anymore. Its is fun on certain days but the smaller fish have a better feel to me. I’m a bigger guy but still like the shortboard feel of the 6’0" fish best.

Good work on getting on the Stevie waiting list!

cool, the “corkiness” will be OK, if that’s how it turns out, as I am looking for something on the fish platform as an alternative to my sub- 6 footers, plus I spend most of the winter in a 6/5/4, the 5’8 works great in that suit, but sometimes my body decides that 5’8 + heavy wetsuit + mucho paddling = too much work : ) also I also often ride longboards, so I’m not necessarily afraid of lots of float

It’s really an experiment, I talked w/ Rich about what I ride, the 5’5 I also ordered, and what larger “fish” are like…I’m 5’11 150, always thought big fish were for big guys, Rich said not necessarily, so I went with it…if it’s too much, I fiigure I can sell it to a bigger person easily.

thanks again, your boards are really interesting

Thanks Man! Yeah, smaller guys love the 6’9"…Shes fast.