my old frye...

thought i’d try and post a picture of it for you guys… but i guess the file is too big. Anyone want to post the pic for me? Leave me your email and i’ll send it to you.


i’d be happy to put it up for you…

Thanks Brandon…I just sent them over.

posted on behalf of pbken…

the quiver (1 of 2)

the quiver (2 of 2)

G&S, Skip Frye model

VERY NICE!!! oooh! Skip fish! nice! congrats!

That’s a neat quiver. I remember when the Frye pintails were popular. Like the one in the middle? Mike

Thanks for posting Brandon!

Heres the Frye breakdown:


5’10 fish

6’6 egg (my daughters)

6’9" fish

7’7" swallow

7’7" k-model

7’10’ frye pin - signed wings on deck(select days)

9’6" k-model

10’2" k-model

10’6" Fish simmons

9’6" G&S frye #19

the jewel being the G&S. Its #19 and was made during Skips first week or so of having his own model. Anyway, i finally got a digi camera and thought some of you might dig the boards.


The swallow tail next to the rusty, name ,rank and serial no please.

Its An Epoxy 6’4" Stu kenson. t was shaped for Tyler Callaway, i’m actually selling it ASAP…i just don’t ride it. here is the first row breakdown:

6’0" Pavel Fish

6’0" Merrick twin Finner

6’4" Yinger occy tail

6’5" dave macauley salomon s-core

6’4" Stu kenson epoxy

6’4" Rusty piranha

6’10’ Yinger Round pin

7’0" Yinger mini gun

8’2’ hamish gun

pandanus - did you used to live in SD? Your name sounds familiar??

Sorry, never been to the states

you are one lucky man

Whoa! thats the biggest quiver ive seen yet.

nice sticks

yeah, my wif gets a little bummed about that… The shortboards come and go. I try to sell them before they get to banged up and roll them over to new boards every year. I don’t sell my fryes, i’ve had a few of them for over 13 years.

Right now the 6’0" pavel is the shortboard I ride all the time.

A pleasure to contemplate.

As said before: “you’re a lucky man”.


what does the “K” stand for in “K” model. I’m thinking kick …

glad I found this site, i no longer feel obssesed.


I’m not really sure the orgin of the name, Its one of Skips models…Swish, TC, Eagle etc. I just always loved the outline…

hi, great shots…

very interested in the 6’9 Frye fish, as I have recently ordered a simialr Pavel, we talked about a 6’9 twin keel, as I had seen a photo of a Frye with those dims, and he suggested a 6’8 canard quad…btw, I ride a 5’8 twin kell, a 5’11 canard quad, and have a 5’5 Lis twin keel on oreder, as well.

and I can’t spell :slight_smile: