My rails look like.......rails!!!

Started using the 80 grit screen on the rails today after using a planer to cut the rail bands. Wow, after a little bit of work, the rails actually look a lot like… rails! hahah. Using the planer was a bit scary, the blades aren’t as sharp as they should be, maybe for our second board, some new blades might be a good idea!. I can’t believe how little work ( really ) it takes to shape the foam. Im sure our board isnt the prettiest lookng board, and it might not be 100% symetrical, but, its coming along pretty good i think for a first board. Pics dont quite show it, but here’s some anyway!

I’m phonin’ yer grandma !

you are definately a keeper

Im gonna praise her for the good work perpetuating the blood line.

did yer ancestors make the long bow from Yarrow?

go kid go

make some more.

all the guys in yer neighborhood need new boards

its gettin ta be inside weathter in the southern hemisphere

good job good job



Think you’re stoked now?

Wait 'til you ride it!!!

Hey Beerfan

The planer is your friend. Sharp blades are a good idea, and do your passes nice and slow so you don’t tear the foam.

I dont used a shapers screen. They seem to be a bit stiff for me and leave flat spots, especially on thin rails.

I use a sheet of 80 grit orbital sanding paper. wraps the rail real good.

Keep at it. You should of seen my first board. Very ugly.

The more you do, the more you will learn.

Any mistakes you make teach you how to do it better next time.


Nice! Good for you… You’ll be so stoked when you ride it!