My ride to Hawaii

This is my daughter standing in front of Rag Time. I’ll be racing to Hawaii starting the 17th with nine other blokes aboard her. She was designed by John Spencer in 1967 and built in New Zealand of Marui plywood. By day three I hope to be surfing the remainder of the 5-7 days to Hawaii. If anyone wants to follow the race you can check for daily progress reports at The first boats just went off yesterday.

Wow, what a beauty. Good sailing to you and your crew…give us a report in a couple of weeks.

God speed!

Thanks e-pac,

We’ll need it. We’re rated to be the slowest of the fastest. Meaning of seventy-five boats, fifty five of them get multiple day head starts. We are rated as the slowest of the top 20. The record is 7 days 11 hours 41 minutes. Four of the top boats should blow that record away. Rag Time’s fastest passage was 8 days 17 hours. So, we’ll be chasing hard from the rear.

Safe journey.

I really need to get out more !


Howzit Tom, In the past a loy of Transpac boats stopped at Hanalei before the trip back to the mainland. If you make this same choice I would like to get together and meet you. Is that the same RagTime that has raced a few times in the Transpac and were you the owner. I've seen it in the Bay quite a few times when there's a TransPac race. Aloha,Kokua 

   Ph# 808-826-4555

Basic transportation, there, Tom. haha

Got any shots of down below? Galley, berths

casino, indoor pool, ice rink etc.

I see you are shoving off Sunday.

Have a safe passage. Mark

that’s fabulous! Good luck and be safe out there Tom!


   This will be Rag Time's thirteenth TransPac. She won in 1973 & 1975. There have been several different syndicates and individuals that have owned Rag Time over the years. But, I've never been one. I've got enough boat on my hands with Lean Machine and racing with other people's money. This will be my third TransPac. But, unfortunately, I won't be doing the delivery back. So, I'll have to get over to your little corner of paradise some other time.

She’s a beauty Tom.

And she has had plenty of TLC over the years.

Appreciation really shows.

That’s the only way to go to Hawai’i.

You’re gonna love it.


…Sorry, I haven’t been by lately,been very busy with summer and all.

…I was hoping to see you this week, but I don’t want to hang you up, and/or things can wait until you get back.

…Have a safe,fun and swift journey…We’ll watch for the results.Good Luck,SeaDog.Herb


  My schedule is a bit in flux trying to get everything covered before I go. But, the boat is just north of you in Alamitos Bay. So, I'll be blowing through sometime if you need anything.