My space- Board shack build

Been in a mood lately, if I think it I do it. Thought about shaping some more boards, in my own space close to where I sleep. You know, wake up, can shape or glass. Come home from late night, can spray or paint. You know what I’m saying.

Space in the yard I can fit something between 10 and 15’ish feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide. Would really not like to limit myself in length, a couple 13 footers would be rad as fuck to dick around with shaping. Friends SUP so I’d like to have space to hook them up with shapes.


Obviously bigger better I know but it’s a residential yard and I’m trying my best to have it fit in well and look like it’s part of the design plans not something just plopped down there. The 106 foot would really line up well with other structures and trees and things how the yard is laid out esthetically but the 158 would give me more space for those larger shapes.


Looking for advise on how close I can realistically cut it while still being able to do some 13 footers and some fairly wide/large sups? I’d prefer to not have to open a door and use part outside part inside. Everything contained within the structure is ideal.


Will be building something. Planning now, research, design, source materials, sort permitting start building and shaping boards. 


Critique, advise, opinions, whatever holler at me I’m all ears. Appreciate you 

Interesting - and maybe an idea. 

I have been watching this ‘tiny house’ thing. As houses they are overpriced jokes, second rate house trailers for the tragically hip, but the idea of a structure built on a trailer frame has merit. Especially as you can find used utility trailers of more or less the size you’re looking for pretty cheap. Not converting a box trailer already built, though that would work well, but building something on top of a wooden decked flatbed trailer of the sort landscapers and farmers use to haul; equipment around. Your foundation and framing and first deck are there already, bolting or welding on framing isn’t hard at all. House-grade materials, as a trailer and a utility trailer at that it doesn’t need  permits or building code compliance. 

And if someday you go someplace else, it goes with you. When you think in terms of making it all portable, well, surprising how compact you can make things. 

hope that’s of use



The city here lets me build a backyard shack without a permit if the inside is 120 sq. ft or less, so this ended up at approx. 9 x 13, maybe a little larger, but with 2 x 6 walls, so it came out pretty much exactly at 120.  The board pictured is 9’ 6", thats the largest I have made or worked on. The walls and ceiling are insulated. Works good for me, but would love larger if I could, it gets cramped at times with too much stuff.

For me you need at least 22" free space to turn around board easily. 

I shaped and glassed in a 10x12 back yard shed for awhile in Oceano.  Had a carpenter/surfer neighbor pour a slab and frame it with rafters that I could store a couple of blanks in.  Put storage above the lights for blanks.  A shelf downlow under the lights for templates and a shelf on top of each light.  I wasn’t doing any SUP’s back then.  Did a few 10’6 and 11 footers.  I had built an extra wide door(4’).  So when I was working on anything long I would just slide the blank back a bit and let it hang out the door.  8’ is wide enough.  Lots of guys shape in 8’ wide bays.