Mystery Frye

This board is up in Portland, look familiar to any one? Any info?


"For Pat By Skip - 4 C K 6 I "

Hi surfinghigh,

Nice board. Frye pins were fairly popular during the seventies in San Diego. I never had the money for one back then. I know that’s not much information. It’s probably quite valuable. How do you like the ride? Pretty Rhodesian, too. Mike

Hey, it does have a hole in the fin but it otherwise is in good shape. A guy up in Portland has it and would like it copied…yeah, if I am lucky I can get close to what Skip did…

Other than the guy saying it was shaped for a certain left point up here, he has no other info.

Def early 1970’s though.

You probably already know the whole in the fin is for a leash attachment. My first leash came about when my buddy returned from Hawaii, surfing the Wall. He said the Hawaiians were attaching surgical tubing through holes in their fins and tying them around their ankles. We went to Thrifty’s Drug Store and bought some tubing and did the same thing. I stopped using it when the tubing became so tight around my ankle my foot began to swell and the lifeguard at The Shores cut it off with a pocket knife. Bungy cords leashes were not far behind, but the ‘older guys’ frowned opon them and at some places would send you to the beach for wearing them. Still love surfing leashless. Great board!! Mike