"Name the new design" contest!

Hey Guys, attached are the pics of my latest personal board I just shaped.

With apologies to Ben Aipa, I think "Curved-Step-Bottom-Stinger " is too much of a mouthful, so, if you can come up with a name I dig, you win…Umm…

Smyley Stynger came to mind pretty quickly…


Looking at the first picture, Moby DICK springs to mind, and not because of the Whale

Really nice , this is what I like to see,

Why not call it the “speedneedle”.

hi Josh !

thanks for posting those shots mate !

As with ZoSurf’s S.O.S. …

the C.S.B.S will suffice …especially if you give it a real b.s. sprayjob …can’t wait to SEE what you come up with !! (MORE hints!)

Then, a 12-15" fin box, and a raky deep single fin please !

…that’s my board !


reverse penguin



Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Call it

“The Helmet”



Looking at the first picture, Moby DICK springs to mind, and not because of the Whale

“know what I mean , know what I mean ? wink, wink , nudge, nudge … SAY NO MORRRE !!” … [understandable in most countries…except America]

Circ? (Short for circumcised, but you could tell the groms moms its short for circle)

Sander’s nightmare.


Speedneedle, I like what Drew called it “The Helmet” at first I did not get it until Benn1 said call it the circ. looks more like the Uncirc, too funny.

I have allways been curious as to how a step bottom would ride like. whats are the performance characteristics? can’t wait to see the killer art work you do on that one. maybe call it The Step Bro.

“Bellender” springs to …er mind !


“the Snapper”… (it’s a kind of fish, and if you land it too hard, well…)

Well, going with the circumcised dong theme:

The Moyl Foil

(the moyl is the rabbi who does that particular type of cutting)

 Howzit rolliges, The glasser isn't going to be to happy either,especially with the wings and the step meeting at the same place. Aloha,Kokua

Hmmm Tom Morey’s air vented board comes to mind… similar step and sting, but he had air vent(s) from the deck. Call it what you want, change the name daily.