Sorry about the Fletcher post… whoops. So I can pick up this board for $350. Was thinking it would be an investment… but not too familiar with older boards and values, but I knew the name Nathan Pratt when I saw it. Some input would be awesome… Thanks!


Nathan Pratt founder of Horizons West Surf Shop , Santa Monica.

His humble beginnings started out as a sweep boy at Jeff Ho Surfboards around 72’.

Ya the “Horizons West” logo is also in the lamination… however my cell phone didnt catch a pic of that. $350 is the price tag as of now… trying to find out if it some sort of collectors item or just another board from back in the day. I might buy it just to add to my quiver, nice and thick :slight_smile:

That board looks like standard fare of the time. As far as an investment? You’d have to hold on to that one for a while longer. IMO

The time to have bought that was several years ago, before the movies came out.

Now…no, it’s just another ‘didn’t quite work’ board. Let somebody else bet on it appreciating.


Nathan Pratt never had the reputation of a leading shaper.

Not a collectors item.

He left the surf shop busiiness to become a real estate agent.

I cant imagine why you’d be interested in buying this board, much less as a collectors item.

This all sounds like the froth before the fall, where speculation turns to gambling.