Neal Purchase Jr Duo?

Thanks again for the advice.  I went through that entire string you mentioned, but couldn’t ascertain a beat recommendation about fin size or actual spread between boxes.  That may vary between board lengths, but for the 6’0" I just tried it on, I spaced the boxes 5" apart on center, no cant, tried with 7" Fcs dolphin fins.  Yes the fins were suspiciously flexible, but how tightly spaced would you recommend on the boxes for that size of board? I’ll look into stiffer find for sure though, with a wider base also.  Thanks again Bill Thrailkill!


I almost don’t know where to begin.      Perhaps there are others on this forum, less biased than me, that would care to comment?

Perhaps Neil knows a good thing when he see’s it Bill ?’s your twin vector for sure.

Aloha Kayu,

I was hoping one of the folks that have ridden that setup, would chime in, with a report on thier experience.        Any comment by me would possibly  be seen as ‘‘tooting my own horn.’’       NP Jr. is getting close, but ‘‘no cigar’’ IMO.       The OP can find some older threads, if he looks, that address his questions.        Thank you, for your comment.

  For some insight, find the thread ‘‘Bill Thrailkill you owe me a new surfboard.’’      Your ride problems are a result of fin flex, and fins too far apart for optimum performance.      Stiffer thicker fins, closer together, are the path to salvation.

owning three of your boards all w your close set twin set up Bill (as you know)… I will say: the man has spoken… hear his words.

I prefer the assymetric foild fins that you made for my boards… the one set for the OBQ, the Brewer fins, and then the set you made for the EVF broomtail… with the texture on them, not sure what to call them, a very different fin template, with the foiled sides in, flat sides out as you recommend

I found the one set that was symetrically foiled that you made for one of the three builds to be good, but I find the asymetrics for this fin set up seem smoother as they travel through the water, I now use one of the symmetrically foiled fins in a 2 + 1 eggy shape and I love it, only fin I use in that particualr board

took the EVF broomtail out with the textured fins in hurricane Joaqin (sp) recently and rode the biggest most hollow waves i have ridden in years, all on that board… your boards are tube lovers… they pull you out of the barrel without almost even thinking about it, drop in, bottom turn, set it up in the hook and boom… had a such a a great session I even had a personal moment sitting by my car with my mind just so wide open from the session that I thought of my Dad while listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Have a talk with God” and started crying… what can I say, it happened…

I live in FL, these waves were about solid two feet overhead a-frames all day until  my arms couldnt paddle anymore

but i get the same sensation of the assymetrics being smoother even in the smaller typical surf here… chest to shoulder high is typical…the symmetrics, for me, seem to have a slight noticeable vibrating is how i might describe it as they move thru the water

I am no expert, just a surfer… just my observations and opinions, I have heard others say they prefer the symmetric foils as I prefer the assymetrics

Apologize if i rambled…


Aloha Kolohe,

The twin setup, no matter the board size, is done with the boxes on two inch centers.        Under no circumstances should you use any cant or toe-in.    The dirty little secret is,  that when a surfboard is moving through the water, the RELATIVE water flow, is always parallel to the mid line of the surfboard.      Contact Swaylock’s member Warrior1515, Mr. Dave Town, a maker of excellent fins.      He has a number of my fin templates.      He recently did a pair of asymmetrical fins for swaymember WideAwake.     The fins are made to fit the FU box.      Order a pair from him.     I’m sure you will have a good experience, using those fins.

Lank - can you post a few shots of your boards. 

I am in the home stretch of a broom tail and can’t want to get it in the water. Your post doesn’t ease the antisipation any haha


Gentlemen, how about some UPVOTES for Kolohe, so that he can participate in this thread/discussion.       The one he started.    

PM’d you

Thanks Bill for your thoughts.

I’m going to try to rout in a couple of other boxes closer together and try the stiffer fins.

Do you have any other advice on how far up from the tail the boxes might optimally want to be set?  I set mine at 6.5" up.

Is rail design a factor in this?  Sharp rails?  Bottom contour?

Thanks again for any additional thoughts.



Neals boards have extremely low rocker .