Nectar Thruster

Hey everyone,


I recently picked up this Nectar and wondering if anyone has info?

I haven’t been able to find one like it. Most I see have the moveable fin.

Is this a later model? Is it worth anything?


Thanks in Advance,


Ride it.  Enjoy it for what it is.   If it snaps then just move on to the next one because this one won’t be worth fixing.  


Do try to save the fins, though, because sometimes those can be re-used.   



Looks like it’s signed by Gary McNabb, he basically WAS the Nectar label. Since it has that big “3” logo on it I’d say it’s one of the early Nectar thrusters. I believe he was licensed by Anderson to do them in the US.


Whats your reasoning?

It’s signed by Gary.

Is it just a really late version of the thruster?

As of this morning there are almost 100 listings in Craigslist for used surfboards that are priced at or under $100.   At least a few of them shaped by shapers with comparable reputations.  In the end it’s just another used surfboard.  It still has some life in it and if you take care of it you’ll probably get another year or more out of it.  

If you have developed an emotional connection to the board then all the better.  But I assure you, unless the design and construction are currently part of the flavor of the month at the retail shops, nobody else in the used board market is going to get nostalgic over a used 6-2 thruster just because it has a Nectar logo on it.  

What I was getting at did you have info on it being one of the early Simon Anderson collaborations.

I understand it’s just another thruster but Nectar was the first brand to introduce thrusters in America.

I know there are some people on this forum that worked in the factory during that time period.

Just seeing if anyone has actually knowledge of the Nectar Thruster history.


I believe you are correct.

Hoping someone has some more knowledge if its a older or newer one.