Need advice on turning an old 5'10" fish into a kneeboard ...


Here is an old Nectar Fish I own. It is 5’10". I bought it in it’s well used state. While it is solid, it has not worked for me. It has been in my garage for two years. I could sell it for $75 or strip it and make a kneeboard out of it. I’ve always wanted a kneeboard (I bodyboard a lot). My original thought was to adapt the Lis fish kneeboard design. The obvious thing would be to preserve the tail, take down the nose a bit. However, this would move up the wide point of the board. Then, I thought I could square off the tail and round off the nose – perhaps something more disc shaped would be good. Any advice or thoughts would be great. I have my RR epoxy ready to go …

By the way, here are my specs: I’m 165 lbs, 5’11" and consider myself an advanced bodyboarder and average longboarder. I want to make a kneeboard that works in beach and point, from waist high on up.

thanks, ed

I’d round off 5" of the nose, and strip the glass from the deck lap and peel off the deck, thin the board to 2" thick max, glass with triple 6oz and a knee patch.

You can recess for knees, but after repeating ridings, it will happen naturally.

Heavier than a surfboard is not a bad thing, as knee riding doesn’t absorb shock from bouncy or choppy waves.


This board will not be wide enough, most modern kneeboards for small to medium waves are min 221/2", max 24".

Lis type fishes of this length would be more like 21-22". I’ll bet your stand up board isn’t over 191/2-20".

If you have the RR, save yourself some trouble and get some home depot eps and make a new one!

Oneula posted some great pics in a thread a few days ago that should get you started!

Oh gawd, another Mass kneelo - there goes the neighborhood, down the tubes.

Bad enough that I’m here, after all.

Okay, being a kneelo and therefore a heretic, let me throw in my .017 euros…which comes to around two cents US.

Forget the nose, what’s there is what’s there and it’s not in the water when in use anyhow. Instead, concentrate on the tail. It’s currently one of those kinda silly swallowtails that are misnamed as fish, with the shoulders on it and all, the tips are buggered up, etc, etc. Plus it has a thruster type tail kick, which is bad for kneeboards. So…

Don’t strip any glass, instead it’s one of those very rare times when your trusty saber saw is useful.


What I’d do is maybe take a template from a working fish, adapt it as need be, scribe that on the bottom, using those ‘shoulders’ as your starting point. I think our fellow Mass boy Basswave can help you there. A saber saw is prolly your best tool for the job. Redo the rails and the tail a bit, curve/edges wise, reglass and resite the fins as need be ( I’d glass on a couple, myself, rather than futz with plugs or whatever) and throw in a new leash plug someplace useful. Then equip yourself with a pair of UDTs and go to it.

I’ll even sweeten the deal. Being as I’m on the cape, get our pal Basswave to give you/make you a template from the tail on his fish and when the weather gets a bit warmer mebbe I’ll have a free afternoon and I’ll give you a hand with it here. And I am probably a bit more tooled up than you are, so it should go fairly quick.

Hope that’s of use


Postscript/edit - rather than throw away perfectly good RR epoxy on polyurethane foam that doesn’t need it, I have a bunch of polyester lam and sanding resin that’s getting towards its sell-by date. So, we can use that and save the RR for a styro blank project. It’s only gonna go south on me here, so might as well, no?