Need Bob White pics of a #1 & #6

Anyone have any pics of Bob White Surfboards especially his model #1 and #6?



I have an old Bob White board. Has a small WRV logo near the chest and a big number 1 on the deck, just in front of where a traction pad would be.

Is this the board you are looking for?

I’ll take some pics if it is.


Yep thats it. If I could trouble you to take a few pictures like deck, bottom, rocker contour, fin set up, nose, tail, rail edge. I would appreciate it very much.



(If you have any measurements I would appreciate that also)


troy, a guy name john johnston was one of bobs good friends,he should have all that stuff. i’ll talk to him for you,or get a hold of marty kesceeker/wrv shaper. later, Ed (ET)Townes

OK Troy, the best I can do is…

The board is 7’ 6".

The wide point 9 7/8" forward of center at 23 7/8".

Nose is 17"

Tail is 14 1/2"

Rails look like this. Very pinched.

Here’s the rocker.



And a few shots of thte board.

Hope that helps.


Forgot to mention the back of the finbox is 6 3/4" from the tail.

Not sure if the finbox is original and has been filled in with resin (not by me!)



Thanks for those detailed shots. Those are perfect.



Hi Guys -

Those look like the kind of transitional boards that were refined and functional but left behind too quickly as the shortboard revolution kicked in.

Troy - any chance you could do a similar pic display of #3?

Riddim - any chance you could obtain thickness measurements at nose, tail and mid?

Whomever has copies of the Bob White Wave Riding Vehicles ads from SURFER mag circa '68-'69 should post them.

Those were some classic, funny ads from an upstart east coast company building craft so unique they weren’t even

surfboards, they were ‘‘wave riding vehicles’’. The wave of dolphins logo and the huge model #'s were further evidence

that this wasn’t your everyday surfboard company.

Bob White sold the company a few years later. I got to meet him while in VB about 15 years ago, He was taking sailboard

blanks (to get the thickness) and shaping 6’6’'s with a foil based on the dolphins body. A fun guy to talk with, and a genuine

piece of east coast history.


Hey John,

Unfortunately the number 3 is not mine but I have someone sending me pics of a number 5 and his number 3. I will pass them along when I receive them.


I appreciate all the help on this.

I posted this one a while ago. The before and after pic.

So I just found out there was a poster that listed all the Bob White boards with all the pictures and dims. Anyone have one or have a possible link to one?


troy, i have the very poster you are talking about. come by my shop tomorrow and check it out.( E 8-9 jensen dr. ) ET

Bob white, gave it to me went i was a kid. come on by,you will be suprise at what you made learn. ET

Hey Ed,

I appreciate it. I have to work late but Austin said he might stop by and take a look at it. Any possibility of us making a copy of it?


no problem, ET

Hey sorry to revive this thread from a while ago, but I have a number 5 and could get some pictures if your still looking. 


Also I was wondering, what is that tool pictured on page 1 to get the shape of the rails? 

Hey everyone, I have the 004 Bob white. NOT a WRV Bob white. My Dad helped Bob build his 001 Board when he was 16 and surfed on it for 2 years before it got lost in the ash wednsday storm. It was purple. Later that year Bob built one for my dad, which was the 004 board, which I now have. The WRV logo got added later, and apparently the WRV logo started the serial numbers over. My dad tells the story on how the logo came about (too much to type)

Any idea what This board is worth?


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Any idea how to post photos?

I met Bob White around 1969 on my way down the Coast. I was fresh from a summer long apprenticeship with Jim Phillips where I had learned a lot about building boards. Bob liked my work and offered me a gig in VA Beach. His boards were very progressive. I never was able to get with him but always remembered the boards. I guess WRV is huge now.

Hey McGowanfam I was wondering if the board you are talking about is serial number 004 and the logo just says bob white custom surfboards? A buddy of mine traded for that board at a tire shop in Hampton VA he still has it and is looking to sell it! Bob white said the board was from 65 or 66