Need Fish Advice

Ok so it's almost finished, 5'11" x 23" x 2.75" ... 22 lb.  but now I'm wondering if it will benefit from a single to double concave bottom, or if I ought to just leave it as is, basically flat with some belly in the nose?







Cool looking board!

I'm no expert - but I just copied what I saw on my other fish.  I added subtle concave at halfway point, to subtle double-concave at the fins.  So far I'm very happy with the board.

Mine's a twin fin retro.  I also saw a Griffen 5 fin with flat bottom and rave reviews - love to have one of those!


Since you asked…

22 lbs is goddam heavy for a 5’11". At your size it will be a real “sinker”

Yea it not for me though it's for a small guy.

I like them flat.  Will the small guy be able to carry it?  Kidding...... Mike

I guess I'm maybe questioning the impact of the concaves on a heavy wood board vs. a modern, lightweight fiberglass board ... how much effect will it have?  Or maybe it will have even more effect?  Who knows ... of course it's more work to shape it into wood than it is foam ... but I think a router and some other power tools could make that less painful.


What? Are you saying you don’t plan on fiberglassing that thing?

Hey Huck just curious what did yours weigh in at when it was all finished?  I haven't put mine on the scale yet but I'm guessing 22 lb.  might be a bit lighter but no heavier.