***Need Help ASAP*** What to do? Air bubbles in one of my Futures boxes. Patch w/ cloth or fill with hot coat? RR Epoxy

I would say 30% of the surface area of one of my Futures boxes is covered by air bubble, mostly on the rail side of the box. I’m grinding the laps on the bottom, grinding the fin boxes and prepping the bottom for hot coat this morning. Is the “right” thing to do patching w/ some cloth and fairing in the fix? Or will it suffice to fill it in w/ some hotcoat resin? I’m using epoxy, so a fix will cost me a day, which I guess isn’t that big of a deal if it will save the board.



if it is clear you could cut out the bubble witha razor. then lam another football patch on top of the box. If it was hard enough to sand filling it with resin might be hard. I am not sure if this is the best but I have done it for a friend and it turned out fine.

Randy Wong, co-owner of Precision Fiberglassing, has a Dremel at his side at all times, every pin hole gets the treatment and then solar res’d

Two things.  One, when I see Jim post, I read it and learn.  Two, what you can take from this is that even the Pro’s have the problem.

Next time, after the lam is complete and still wet, use a single edge razor blade and run 4 inches on either side of and next to the ridge (the part that gets ground off), cutting down to the box,  to let the inevitable air out.  If there is any uninevitable air, I guess you can leave that in.  Kidding about the second part.

Thanks Jim

When I ground the boxes, I nicked the foam a little. A spot the size of a quarter. I pulled out the Dremel and ground out the air pockets and did a full ding repair. Its dry but not dry enough to sand so I’ll have to get back after it in the morning.

this is so minor, pre bottom hotcoat: grind the boxes down, open up all the bubbles, tape the boxes off, when you do your rail coat: fill/patch the boxes appropriately(if you opened foam its patch time, small bubbles dont need it though), let it sit for 15-20(w/resin research fast, times will change for different hardeners/resins/temperature) then hotcoat your bottom, minor…it all part of it, if your bottom lam is dry it shouldnt take an extra day, should be be the same as any other bottom coat w/ a little extra prep…