need help dating a board and advice on delaminating repair

I pick this board up for $20 in a yard sale. It has a cool shape and would like more information on it. The board has no info written anywhere on it. The only marking are the logos. The fin boxes are O'fish'l so I assume it's at least an early design. I could not date the Loehr design logo; I also assume that this board is epoxy. There is also delaminating around the center fin box, can delamination be repaired or should I make this a wall hanger, any advice would be great

photo photo4_zps4f788fb5.jpg


photo photo2_zps70f59fd2.jpg

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Any photos would also be “great”.

having issues uploading them. this my first time using this site

can you post the photos to a hosting site like or picasa or photobucket, and then give us a link?

need help dating a board and advice on delaminating repair


I'm married. Dating a board would be kind of strange....I do get plenty of adds for dating sites on Swaylock's....Hot women over 50....Chineese girls who want to marry you....Hot Surfing Singles....Fitness Singles....I wonder what would happen if you took a date and then de-lam'ed?

ha! stingray I was thinking the same thing! I was gonna say, I can’t help with dating a board, but I recommend finding a woman, and I would never advice you delaminate a repair!

but seriously franquij, yes delams can be fixed, and what brand are the logos?

I got the photos up, and you all are too much. I guess I am going to have to watch how I word stuff now "lol" thanks for the laugh

That’s a Greg Loehr board! Anything can be fixed on a board. You just have to ask yourself how much time and money do I want to put into the board? If you are doing the repair yourself then you’ll save labor costs, and it could be a great learning experience. Ding repair is pretty basic so I’d say dive in and give it a whirl. Here’s a short video on super basic repair you can reference.


Yeah I was going to do the repair. I was thinking cut away the bad epoxy and reapply and sand down