Need help identifying this fin system

Hi all. I need a little help from the historians to identify the fin system on a board I picked up this weekend. The board is a WRV fish that was shaped in '79. Given the year, I would have thought it would have had a Star System set-up, and maybe it is, but not one I’m familiar with. If anyone could identify it, and tell me how to remove them, I’d appreciate it.


I think Bill would know.

…but I don’t recall the name. I think you tap the rear tip of the fin, forward and slightly up, to release the fin. I think. Not sure. Proceed with caution.

WRV '79?
Mike Daniel would be a good person to ask

The method that Bill described is the same method used to remove the early style O’Fishl, but the shape of the box looks differant.

I think '79 is a bit too early a date, but they appear to be Star System

Airbrush graphics didn’t require much imagination during that time period.

I believe G&S made two versions of the star fin system, the early ones were snap in (and “fall out”) while the later ones had a screw, like the Bahne boxes we still use today.

Thanks for the info guys. I’m now pretty sure they’re 1st Gen Star Fins and were the fins typically used on the Mark Richards twin fins.

That sounds right. The older star fins were supposed to snap in and out, but are known to break the fin by doing , so be careful, this is what you have. Then they made the newer ones in the later 70s and early 80s that have the plate and screw.