Need HELP on retro fish ......

Dear surf master , shaper .

Saw a american boy surf a moden retro twin fin fish at Bali few months ago , he makes surfing look so easy & effortless . He keeps doing roundhouse cut back , spinning n really nice turn .

Thinking of getting a retro fish from friend , all he shape is funboard . He don’t know nuts about twin fin fish … so need U expert help …

Size 5’6"/5’7" x 22" x 3"

Need to know the NOSE , TAIL size .

Placing / Template for fcs MR twin fins plug .

Rail & bottom .

Nose & Tail rocker .

Wave size 2~4ft beach break & clean point break .

I’m 70kg x 176cm tall . Not a good surfer , can only do roundhouse .


Thanks a millions .

p/s: Apologize for my poor english , i from Malaysia … never heard of it ? Go check on our local surf web click on PICS >>>

Cool Pics, for your size try:

5’8" x 21" x 2-1/2" (flattish deck)

Nose 15-1/2" x 1-1/2"

Tail 16" x 1-5/8"

End of tail tips 10-3/4 to 11" apart and 5-3/4" deep.

Use a nice smooth stick to get the outline; accelerate to the tip of the nose so the point is NOT severe.

Fins: hard to tell; For a true “Retro”, make them out of wood and glass them in. Probably Mahogany Ply in your area and foil both sides like an airplane wing. They will look a little like a right triangle with the tip rounded off. Rear edge almost straight up, slightly tilted back about 1/4".

8-1/4" base and about 5" tall and about 3/8" thick. Place about 6" up, about 1" in from rail at the rear edge of th fin and parallel with the stringer. Tilt out about 4 degrees at the fin tips.

Bottom contour: mostly FLAT expecially in the tail; maybe some single concave from center-forward.

Rocker: tell him to keep nose rocker low so there is very little rocker showing on the nose/deck and shape out the tail rocker so there is NONE the last 20" or so. Be sure the transitions are all smooth with this rocker. Do not make “zones”.

Rails: Down rail about 70/30 with NO pronounced edge underneath, maybe some edge in the glassing from the rear of the fins aftward.

I’ve made hundreds like this and they seem to work well in low-energy waves. Great for Roundhouse cutbacks.

Hope this helps…

just happen to be researching for a similar board…

in you response you said “and shape out the tail rocker so there is NONE the last 20” or so." just wanted to be sure i understand that the bottom is basically rockerless or strait for the last 20" or so but the deck continues to tapper? or do the you suggest the deck and bottom are parallel for the last 20" or so…

i am sure this would become clear as i am working away but just thought i’d ask…


That’s how we did them back in the day; tapering the deck down to meet the tail tips. There were not a lot of choices for blanks back then until Steve Boehne came up with the 6’0. Even with that available I can’t count how many times I saw the masters of the time grab a blank a foot or two bigger and just go at it and come out with insane-looking fish. Obviously there are benefits to tail rocker in those boards but most all of what worked well was straight in the tail. Not much vert performance as with my shortboard thruster but hey…