Need help Weber surfboard

Back in the mid-80’s an old timer asked me to crawl under his house to clean out some surfboards and I could have them. This house was on the bluff at Cabrillo Beach. This Weber was one of three boards I found. On the nose it has writeen ‘Stand room Only’, then a little farther back it says,  ‘Coast Girls Surf Club’ , then behind the competition bands a girls name ‘Susie’, and near the tail it has the initials W.C.T. (West Coast Team?). Wondering if any old time Swaylockers might have any insight or history on this board. Board measurements : 9’0" lengh 16"nose 22"width 15 1/2"tail.I have ridden the board, nice rider. Its a keeper.

wow, what a cool find!

I would guess the “WCT” might stand for Weber Competition Team. With all those unusual inscriptions on the stringer, I think

it’s safe to guess that the owner was on the Weber Team.

Hopefully, PPK will see this and maybe shed some light. He was on the Weber team around the time that board was built.

The fin and competition stripe would date the board somewhere around 63-65. Comp stripes were popular during those years.

I like the two larger cutout lams around the smaller one. Nice find. It’s in damn good condition, too. Those red lams would be

faded all to hell if it had been left in the sun all these years.

A lot of people come on this site looking for info and values on old boards.  99% of the time the boards are worthless garbage.  This one is the 1% that is an awesome find.  Very cool board.  How long is it?

Agreed. If it isn’t going to be used or sold, it’s a good candidate for the SHCC.