Need help with the tail--diamond or winged pin?

The board is going to be 6’10" x 17 x 23 x 16 x 3 3/8 with a 2+1 set-up…kind of an old school fish temp., rocker, and foil. Which tail is best for knee to head high…I don’t want it to get too loose/squirely like a fish. I really like the look of the wide diamonds I saw in the resource section and the feel of a winged-pin. Body weight around 215-220lbs. with full winter gear on. Any info would help!

hi glider…small wave boards love width and area…big waves narrow…pinny…if you want the board to hold in soften the edges…keep the area under the tail that will keep you floating…the pin tail will hold…you will loose maneuverbility with the pin…i would soften the edges and keep a loose outline…the board that slides on you now check the edges …fine tuning surfboards after they are made can make alll the difference to what you want…aloha