Need Laminating help

I will be glassing a 9’0 longboard how much resin will i need to glass the deck and how much for the bottom. I will be using a 83 oz bucket and all 6oz glass. I was thinking about half of the 83 oz bucket for the top and 3/4 full of the 83 oz bucket for the bottom does this sound right? Also was thinking about using 5cc for the half bucket and 10cc for the 3/4 i will be working at temps of about 75-80 degrees. how long will this give me to glass? I’m looking to get a good 25-30min lam time.

Howzit josh, First of all what is your glassing schedule, dbl 6oz or 1 4oz and 1 6oz, makes a little difference on resin amount. I usually do 1 4oz and 1 6oz over that. Use about 32 oz’s resin and kick it with between 10 to 12 cc’s cat, that should give you enough time,I use a little more cat but I have a lot of boards under my belt. Another way would be to use UV resin instead, plenty of time and won’t kick till the UV rays hit it.Aloha,Kokua

Gotta second Kokua’s call to use UV additive to your resin. Makes such a difference when you are laminating, no panic time, especially on a mal. You can take your time, work the resin, do the laps, take it out in the sun and no dramas.