need name of plastic sheeting??

I’m looking for the plastic sheeting thats like saran wrap

and comes on a roll. Its used to wrap a shaped blank

and keep it free of fingerprints, dirt etc until glassed.

Its also used by movers.

I’ve been looking around and all I have noticed

is regular plastic sheeting??



Can’t remeber what it’s called … It’s shipping wrap. I get it at Office Depot or Office Max.

Also called stretch wrap. Not shrink wrap.

You can also order it online from, they specialize in the sales of packaging and other cool warhouse stuff.

I just use the grocery store brand Cling wrap, stretch wrap

ya, that stuff

plastic sheeting, plastic wrap, plastic stretch

cellophane , plastic sheets sheet wrapping

Best I’ve found for the home/garage shaper

Smart N Final store

Stretch-Tite plastic food wrap ; perfect thickness;

perfect for boards!

for $5.50 USD 500ft x 12" wide, good for 20 boards or more

All other options on the internet costs $20 or more

for an industrial roll.

Home Depot and Lowes both sell it next to the moving supplies…bubble wrap, packing tape, boxes, etc.

I’ve also seen Harbor Freight carry the small handheld size…which I think would be useful for a one man


Using the big roll is a three arm operation.

I use it as a release film in the bag…and to lock veneer in place before bagging…just wrap tightly around

the whole board and shifting is no longer an issue.

\ Hey Afoaf.

That’s f^%*ing brilliant!

I’m doing bamboo veneer board skins, as well as bamboo veneer fin skins over core-cell foam/carbon/S-glass cores, as we speak…

I had excellent results with a 6" wide roll of stretch plastic cellophane that I bought at the dollar store for “guess how much??”

I wrap it around the board after peel-ply and the breather is applied…, this stuff holds it all really tight until I slide it in the bag…

I was wondering how to hold the bamboo skins on the fins in a precise location to let the underlying carbon fiber show through at the perimeter…

Thanks for the “wake up” man! The answer was down in my shop all the time…:slight_smile:

Cheers Kiterider…:slight_smile: