Need Restoration in Orange County

Hey All,

My neighbor wants to have a board restored for his son who is about to graduate from college. I repair but I wouldn’t say I do restoration, and I wouldn’t want to take on a project that is so meaningful to both of them. Best left to the pro’s I think.

He’s looking for a quality restoration on a Robert August single fin swallow tail. Preferably up toward the Huntington/Seal Beach areas but he will drive further if he needs to.

Any recommendations?




Have you tried approaching Robert and his people directly?

He has a great bunch of craftsmen working on his boards…I’ve had him and Mike Mintchenton shape a few boards for me and each result has been great.

It, being what sounds like an older board, might be something his glassers might see as a “labor of love” kind of thing. Plus, he’s close by…(or, they might be able to point you to someone to do the job).


let us see what condition its in

post some pics

and not the tiny ones,ok?

I know that Fly (Hobie) does a lot of restorations. He has his own bay around the corner from the Hobie shop.

Just my 2 cents.


Good idea. I’ll recommend that to him.

I don’t have any pics. He’s a neighbor that often stops by when I’m out in the gargage working on a board. I ran into him the other day and he asked me about his son’s board. I told him I’d ask around.