need some advice how to fix my surfboards broken nose

I'm new here i'm looking for some advice on how to fix my boards nose any advice will be great?



I get rid of all the bad glass, foam etc. set the rocker how it was before, and tape the rails so it stays in place. Once that is done, lay pieces of tape along the top so that you can pour a resin/qcell mix into the broken part without having the filler drain out the bottom. sand excess off, and sand around the ding down to the weave. Glass, hotcoat, sand, etc. The goal is to fix it without creating a super strong spot against a weak spot where the board can break again. I never cut my glass perpendicular to the stringer.

If I did a bad job explaining it, then check the archives, because I'm sure someone has done a full thread with pics and stuff. Plus, they probably have a better way of fixing it. good luck with your project.

Thanks i'l give that a try, i'm assuming it's PU i was given the board already broken? I have poly resin already at home. on the back where the rocker is little bit buckled should i cut that away or fill it with putty or Qcell?