??need some help guys??

ok, i have a very small dilema…i am reviving one of my earlier boards for someone who wants a cheap beginner board. it’s in good shape, maybe ridden for a summer. i wanted to cover the whole board up with an opaque color. i either want to spray paint, then glass over…or glass it with opaque resin?? are opaque hotcoats hard to work with?? can it be sanded smooth w/o obvious f’ ups??

Gelcoat it. this is your best option if you want durability and complete coverage. You can pick any number of colors or your can mix and match colors, say like maybe a white body with royal blue rails…

gelcoat? i use polyester resin, do you mean make up some opaque resin? are sanding marks very visible? can it be buffed out w/o problems?

Ted: Are you planning on glassing on another layer of cloth with opaque resin or laying down an opaque hotcoat(gelcoat)? Either way you would want a fair surface(no dents), a smooth hotcoat, and a light sanding hand. It would be a good idea to save some of the colored resin in case problems develop. It might be easier to just paint the board with a marine paint. On the other hand, if the buyer is a friend and doesn’t care - experiment or practice. Good luck. Patrick