need some info on the UK 2008 fish fry.

Checking my mail last night and had some info sent in PDF format, but I cant get it to launch on my PC anyone got a copy of the invite or can give me some info as I’d like to attend.


Hi Woody

It’s an invite to the Aussie fish fry sadly.

bit to far for the vectra to get there.

cheers Joe

hey guys,

i thought the next euro one was in Portugal?

if you’re all jonesing for one, we could set up a backyarder’s meet somewhere, maybe?

Thanks joe, seems I was gettign excited over nothing unless they were throwing in plane tickets.

A while back in Oct I heared on the grape vine that were was going to be another one over here run by some German guys ?? I think, I was chating down the pub to the details are a bit sketchy and I’ve not heared anything since.

Nativeson that sounds great, I’d be in, I know a few guys with fish, one edits a surf mag so maybe he could pull some strings??? but I’m sure there are enough guys on sways that would be interested.


great! well, am going home to the Bahamas for xmas, but maybe sometime in march/april? I think the Euro Fry is in June, so anytime other than that sounds good to me, especially if its further south, and not in the north sea…