Need some info on vintage board

I picked up this vintage board a month ago from a guy in the city (NYC) for $125 and there’s not much information about it on the web so I thought I’d try here to get more details. (I know! crazy right?!)

I’m calling it vintage because it looks to be over 20+ years old (my guess) and the only information on the board is that it has a logo ‘Inland Board’. No shaper’s signature or dims on the board. I’ve measured the board to be 6’8x19x3+

If you know anything about this board, I’d appreciate it.



Yeah, another mid '70’s, this one about a semi gun on the smallest side. Most peeps say a semi gun is from 7-8’6", but possibly the word “mini” gun is more late '60’s Reno inspired.

Should work great from headhigh on up to as big as you can paddle into, fast and loose in fast moving surf.

Thanks LeeDD, I’ve been itching to take her out but we’ve had a bit of a flat spell up here. Would like to know who the shaper was but that’s probably trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Just did a google search in “Inland Board” but nothing really came up releated to board companies. I’d suggest getting a close-up of the logo and it may jog someones memory. From my experience, the image of the logo usually jogs memories better than the name on the board as thats the thing that we spend most of our time looking down at when we are paddling around :slight_smile:


I’d like to see a closeup of the fin too, if you don’t mind.

It all looks in good condition for a 28-30yo [guess]] board to me !!

Great that it has a fin box , too ! It will be a great board to try out different sized [and shapes] singles in , I reckon !

…have fun with it !


p.s. …don’t be afraid to wax further up the deck , too ! [maybe a thruster rider had it before you ??]

that fin is the same one in my dads G+S magic. another retro snatched from under my nose. thats sorta my area.

Thanks guys for all of your input. Really appreciate it. I’ll post up some pics tonight of the logo and the fin. Hopefully that’ll provide more info. I know you can’t see it on the picture but the fin’s pretty sweet in my opinion but I’ll definitely post it when I get home.

The picture that I posted was from the guy that I bought the board from so he’s wax job on the board was kinda sketchy but definitely thanks for the tip!

Here are the pictures of the logo and the fin. Hopefully someone will know something about this board.



sorry, I know nothing about the board , but thanks a lot for posting the fin photo …blue white green white and yellow …I’ll have to remember those colours and try making a similar one …maybe with small matching colour side fins … nice !

thanks again !


p.s. - what length is the base of that fin , and what depth is the fin , please ?