Need some input

How should I navigate around these?


I need to sand down the board and do a new hot coat. 

Walk away



Got no idea why.  Just go back and read your original thread and replies.  Have a couple of $1.00 tacos and a Corona.  If you don’t want to take advise from those who would know better;  quit posting.  Do it your way.

Way to shut down people new to the trade guys. Should i bitch and complain at my son for wanting to learn how to ride his bike. 

I took your advice and ran into a new problem. The tread was old and didn’t get any responses. The taco thing was a joke. How about I just go buy a new board and throw this one in the land fill and listen to more tree huggers complain about surf waste. 

Fill it with wax or putty then dig it out after the resin dries. If you plan to do an opaque coat, you need to make a template of where the opening are so you can find them later. I use clear plastic sheet, like a page protector. Make sure you leave the screws in below the surface. I can’t tell if your screws are messed up.

Trying to find the logic of this thread, but not seeing it. What is the “new problem” requiring a sand down and re-hotcoat?? How is it that the original thread wasn’t getting any responses? I read several responses that seemed clear, concise, and logical based on the info given.

Sanding an entire board and re-hotcoating isn’t very often the recommended approach. Patching the dings and blending in is the normal approach, for a finished board with a few dings.

Am I missing something?

Edited to add: to the o.p. - dont be quick to assume anyone is trying to discourage learning, or to confuse that with discouraging you from making a lot of unnecessary work for yourself. Most people wouldn’t be here taking the time & effort to give free advice if they didn’t want to help. Even tho it may not be what you want to hear at the time.

  Well said.

Yeah I thought he wanted to do a cheap fix on a Chinese/Thai board so that it could be ridden.  The taco reference seemed to indicate cheap.  I didn’t realize that fixing a couple of dings was going to be his apprenticeship into the “trade”.  My bad.