Neo Fins

Hey. I figured you guys would know where I could get a pair of Neo Fins for use with a mat. Any contact #'s or websites ? I live on the East Coast if that matters Thanks JN

Call toll Free: 1-877-Neofins

Dale- would these work with a mat, or are the longer bladed fins the way to go?? thanks, Matt

You might also want to check with Prof. Greg Deets at ( Hes responsible for the resurrection and significant improvements to the famous (spell that very powerful) Voit UDT swim fins. Hes great… a wealth of knowledge.

Matt, The longer-bladed ones are best… the Neofin “Sport Fin”.

is this the matt of mattitude… hello if so hello if not the udt is a mighty thing - now created with differential durometer rubber - rapid response big power longer blade = good trim during wave riding - firmer foot so NO power loss on the kick navy seals love them body surfers love them mat riders love them divers love them - have jpgs of udt’s in action take care: greg - el segundo ca

where are they? me an jimmy would like a pair apiece these body surf fins are teachin us to take off late but…we wanna take off deeper can I get em on the way to plaskett creek? ambrose gathering toys