New 5 fin bonzer - whattya think?

6’2" x 12 1/4 N x 19 1/2 W x 14 3/8 T x 2 3/8"

6’2" performance outline 5 fin bonzer. Sanded finish, Lokbox system. Start to finish by me. Mad love to the Cambpell Brothers!

sorry can’t seem to get any pics in here

Looks nice. Has it been ridden yet?

Me like. A lot. What are your specs (height , weight, intended waves)? Give us a ride report, please.

I’m 5’11", 155 lbs. Intended for Breaks like Black’s or Scripps at chest high minimum.

Will report as soon as we get some swell running here in San Diego. Right now it’s dead flat, of course.

Thanks for your comments!

looks FAST!..even just sitting on the grass.

nice touch with the pinlines.

really really sweet. i fell in love with something similar.

boas ondas and have fun