New 7-fin summer surfboard: Project "Experiment"

Hi all,

i decided to post this pic of an experiment....

the option to ride as:



fiver or six-finer


this should prove interesting to ride ....  to say the least!


will keep u posted on the number of fins, their sizes used and positioning too.



[img_assist|nid=1054438|title=4 way Nano boxes 7 fin holes|desc=the holes cut ready for 4 way box placement|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0][img_assist|nid=1054439|title=7 fin 4 way nano boxes placed|desc=4 way boxes placed for laminating|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]

I did a seven finner @ Surf Systems in 70/71.   It was way too loose, by the then standards of ride performance.    Did not persue it beyond that one board.    Box placement similar to yours, but closer to the tail.   

 did a biscut thingy with 7 fins

ProboxLarry set me up with the fins and the guy who bought it said it was

screaming fast with the 7fin setup

but a little stiff to turn  (subjective)

liked it better as a quad or thruster  (subjective)

those boxes look real clean Dean... lot's of options

thanx Crisp,

yeah they are supa clean,

i can't wait to ride the board this weekend if i get a chance...

i'm going to be kept VERY busy with all the options...

but it will sure be fun to experiment...

i always carry my allen key in the water with me and adjust ( & even remove fins) in the water sometimes...

it helps me understand the designs better and how they can be made functional in different conditions ....


all in all, just plane interesting!


this board is sure to not to provide any DULL moments...


so i'll keep u all posted...





thanx Bill,


i was still in nappies as a baby... born in 69.... u way ahead of me in your designs!







Yup Ken,

that's exactly what i had in mind except not the centre fin box... WOW!!!

now i am going to experiment with some different foil shapes as well,

so it should prove to be an interesting mix...

will keep u all posted




how great is surfboard design, youguys did this 30 years ago and someone is doin it now, still always lots to learn, we'll never know it all, plus sooo many variables and potential combinations.....some are looking to add more fins and some are goin towards less or no fins...I think now we are in some sort of surfboard design revolution...happy times.....

i had a chance to ride the boardlast saturday,

will take some pics of the fin-set-up as well as a performance review....




hey dean

           very interesting subject the weight of these fins would be interesting  and makes me wonder when i post this subject i dont get one fin maker


  <a href="../../../forums/fin-weights">fin weights%%%</a>

                                cheers huie

hi Huie,

i'll post some fin info this week, i'll get some weights and post for you, if that helps ok...???

rode this same board with 3 different fin-foil sets .... really amazing!!!

waves were small and just what the board was designed for...1-3ft

i'll post some pics this week with a review on each set-up..




dean good stuff


            i would  be interested to see the weights and fin composition for comparasion’’

**                mybe you could post it up here   **fin weights%%%


             cheers huie