new aussie website.. feedback please

Hi all

New to here, was told by a mate who is a member here, that I should post here and get feedback, good or bad on a website I have been making for over a year or so…

A mate and I have been making surfboards from different materials and found it really hard to get info in Oz on using “anything different” than PU/Poly set up.

So I decided to put all the info we learnt into a website so its a bit easier to access for someone else who wants to try something new…


Its pretty basic as I am a novice at this website building stuff… but thought it would be good to share and learn from others.


Have a look

Let me know what you think





That hybrid snowboard surfboard clip was worth stopping by your site for sure. Have fun guys.

Why is it an "aussie website" - is it mainly just for aussies?  Its a world wide web, so it seems unusual to tag it as "aussie", unless the intent is to limit participation to Australians?

I ask, because I am not an Aussie, and would feel awkward joining and participating in a forum for Aussies.  One of the things I like about Swaylocks is the international nature of the site, with participants from all across the globe, Aussies included.

It doesn’t seem “in depth” enough. The info given sort of gives an overview of the info without giving enough detail to use it as a resource for newbie board builders. I’m with Huck on this one, why tag it as an Aussie site? Overall it looks pretty good but needs more “meat”. Just my $ .02

hi guys

Thanks for the feedback, good to know its sort of on the right track…will start adding the “meat”

The reason I called it an aussie site was that in Australia if you go to foam/fabrics/ resins people outside the surfboard industry they all talk in metric measurements, hence why I added the download PDF’s of the conversions … though thinking about it… our friends in europe probably have the same prob…

Also the jobs page is all jobs in oz…  and will have a directory to find the hard to get stuff over here Australia

Though points taken and will work on it more.



Joined and posted, thanks Sanded.

404d on my 2nd click

im on there also

are Californians welcome?

Happy to have you on there huck! and any other friends from around the world