New Austin Noserider

Our new noserider yet unnamed.  It features a special stringer set up, 50/50 rails, loosely based on the Hansen 50/50 but with more tail kick, rolled belly, custom Austin fin with resin colored bead (this one is black but the next one is translucent green), wood tailblock.  This stringer, fin, tailblock is made from walnut and paulownia.  Dims are roughly 24 wide. 19 inch nose.  About 28-30 lbs.  9'8 length.  Each board will only have old school pigment work with 8 oz volan. 

As usual

Im speechless at the impeckable quality of your craftsmanship

I wish I had one of those!



Like a really sweet vintage sportscar.......unreal

how about austin 3000 after the austin-healy 3000.