NEW Big Guy Shortboard

First off I wanted to thank everyone for the advise on my last post around dimensions for a big guy short board. They were very helpful and helped me ultimately get the perferct board for me. Ended up connecting with a local shaper Tom Mahady from Mahady Surfboards here on the Jersey Shore and I must say it was an absolute preasure working with him. He lead me throug the entire process and worked with me to get the right dimensions for my height, weight and ability. Even allowed me to come over and feel the board before it was glassed to ensure the rails where to my liking. Ended up going with a custom Mahaday Line Up Killer. Turn around was like 2 1/2 weeks!!


I rode the board for the first time today in clean 4 ft surf and it really impressed me. Was able to paddle into waves early and with east. It is fast and rips down the line and also turns on a dime. By far in 30 years I have been surfing the best board "fit" I have ever had. Was taking off late and making drops that I would have never had made on my old board. Thanks again to Tom and everyone else for the advice. This is a great community and really helped me get the right board - super stoked.


Here are the dimentions:


23 3/4 wide

4 Inches thick (with fioled high performance rails)

Diamond /square tail

Quad fin set up

Sweet Tom just came by the shop a few days ago and told me about it, nice to see it.

Looks nice and full in the rail shot. Tom does some clean work and is a nice guy. Which blank did he use to get that thickness?

Thank you everyone for the kind words, Tblank I used the 8’2" A US Blank for this board, Gene is a great local guy that needed something BIG, he’s 285 lbs of pure muscle, I mean just huge, I’m a big guy but he made me look like Audrey Hepburn. I glassed it 6 oz bottom and 6/4/6 oz on top cause he crushes decks. Thank you for posting this Gene, you made my day, feels really good making people happy with something I love to do.


Mahady's an excellent surfboard builder and a rock star ta-boot... Another great board Tom. Your one of the few who understands and can build for the big-uns as well as the rest of the crowd.Keep on comanding excellence.

Great board Tom!  Great to hear the stoke from a guy

who really needed a big boy custom!!  I love that 8'2 A

blank!  4"+ gives a lot of freedom to put in big guy float!

I really like the foil also, there is a lot of bottom cuts there

that most guys would never notice.  Maybe I should one day

plan a trip to the other Long Beach!

Thanks for the answer Tom. Very nice job. I'm one to really appreciate this shape as I'm in the same neighborhood size wise. The last hot rod I did for myself was qutie a while ago. Had to use a sailboard blank to get something that thick. Looks to be a fun ride.

Nice looking ride. I was wondering what the bottom configuration is on that board?  


Big concave moved way up front to relax the nose rocker from the bottom then into a little sumthin special then a slight rolled vee ending up in a hard vee out the back


Tom that planning surface should help make that board great little rocket. I have always liked the curved rail, flater rocker concept. Wish I were up in Jersey I would like to try that out.

Good for you Tom! Custom building a board that your customer requested and needed! The whole reason I started building my own boards was the fact that shapers always kept talking me into boards that were too small, too narrow, and too thin for a guy with larger than Kelly Slater dimensions. Way to go!

That board looks great Huck, Shape, glass job, fin placement,  all really nice.  So is the deck foam stain ??.  And ---- What kind of wood is that??      Lowel

Thanks McDing, the deck is resin swirl in the lam, I wrapped the back with a strip of 1/8" thick cedar, and capped it with a scrap of 1/16" plywood. It was oak plywood, but I liked the back side better, I think it’s the stuff the big box stores call mahogany, which I’m sure it’s not, but some kind of reddish wood with a real stringy grain.