New board advice.

I would change my board: a McTavish Redline 9’6 X 23 X 3.

It is a good board but at 207 lbs and 6’3" it seems too small. I’m looking for something very easy to paddle and, of course, that catches even smallest waves.

I live in Italy and is not so easy to find such kind of board, most common longboards are performance oriented in the range of 9’1-9’4.

Since american hand shaped boards are very expensive due to Italian duties and sales fees, the choice is practically reduced to Surftech.

Now, from what I see on the Italian distributor web site ( the only boards in the range of 10 + ( I think that this size could be best suited for me) are:

Takayama Noserider 10’2"

Bear Waikiki 10’

Munoz 11’

Any advice is welcome!

Consider that here in the med sea you can surf at maximum 3-4 times a month.

Thanks a lot!

I am a huge fan of the Takayamas… just my preference.

Thanks for yor answer NJ.

Did you ever ride the Surftech Tak 10’2?