new board for a new year

this one is a bit of everything lying around. scraps, almost empty resin pots and such

carved from a 4 inch thick block of insulation foam

has 3mm paulownia perimeter stringer with polyurethane rails glued on with construction adhesive

paulownia nose and tail blocks

paulownia skins with inegra internal cloth

a layer of 6 oz both side with 2 layers of pre glassed patches over fin boxes

airex for finbox inserts/reinforcement

4 different brands of epoxy and a benchtop finishcoat (i believe its a self leveling epoxy.)

top photo is finish coat off the brush . bit of fallout but good enough for me. i whacked it with 400 grit on the bottom . didnt touch the top

about 23 inches wide by 3 inches thick . 6 footish long

not pretty nor precise but goes like that clappers

awaiting a custom handfoiled set of BLEFs from roy stuart to change things up

ive had a about 50 or 60 perfect waves on it so far so will be able to give a fair evaluation of the BLEFS

before sanding . messy little leash loop got tidied up with a dremel

note early firwire . delamed in background . .  paint over airex/dcell was a bad idea afterall



btw I had one of those fins (single), but tried it on a kelpy day, mistake. Next time the tab snapped tightening the screw, it was a prototype I think the new ones much stronger. Still would love to try one someday, keep us posted!

Nice scrapper.

Insulation foam = XPS?  If so, how did you prep the XPS foam surface (50 grit, perforations, …) before lamination.

Thanks huck. We had a single printed blef snap at the screw from over tightening. But sikaflexed it back worries. Roy is making me a glass set handfoiled. For 270nz. Not much more then some glass fcs quad set…the board is super quick as is and fine on pig dog backhand tubes. Doesn’t side slip like my last one.I was really concerned with the low nose rocker. But the board gets in so early it’s not a problem.was riding it at a local spot that has a take off peak area I don’t usually make it and go a bit further down the line. But it has allowed me to get in at the peak and surf the wave from behind the whitewater as it is fast and easy in… foam is eps insulation . Since I can’t get mako blown eps anymore. That hot wired shit they are selling is only fractional better then insulation foam so no point buying it. Wouldn’t use xps at all it is not great foam.the best eps like mould blown mako does not sucketh water at all.

Oh I cut the rocker with a planer out of block. Cut the outline and bottom contours. Glued on the rails.and free baged the bottom skin on before I touched the it was flat one side while bagging. I did it that way for no particular reason .seemed easiest at the time with what I working with. Rocker is my own cut by eye. With only a tail measurement. So glad it worked . I was interested to see if I could do my own rocker from scratch .

Nice board Paul. Colour looks great on the paulownia.


It’s toner dye mixed with water. Black PosCA. Deliberately bleeding with water. Cheers

Good start to the new year Paul…more to come , as required ?

love that, Paul.   Quintessentially Swaylocks.

all the best

Nice outline and Build Paul!

That’s a beauty Paul! I had thought about what might work to dye/stain wood that wouldn’t compromise the epoxy bond… great thinking. You old compi videos helped a great deal in getting vacuum bagging and skins set up: cheers, glad to see you around!


Hi kayu. Mebe another 1. I wanna get my longboarding mate on something sub 7 foot by 24 wide
thanks for the compliments fullas

cheers guys