new board!(pictures!) + questions

This is a 9’0" longboard, resin swirl stripe, singlefin home-made wood 3 ply, gloss coat but didn’t get around to polishing… : /, poly resin, clark foam blank. Had a great time making the board i hope you like

on to my questions. i’m just did the bottom lamination (clear, 6oz) on a 6’0" fish, the cutlap did not come out very well on the swallow tail as far as coverage and consistency (straight line), but i have it sanded smooth and after a little dissapointment i’m ready to move onto the top lamination. i am hoping to do a resin swirl and we’ve gotten pretty good at cranking out some good resin swirls. however we’ve never been able to make a resin swirl thats crazy like acid splash or lots of colors and swirls, we’ve pretty much stuck to 2 color/1 stir/pour-and-squeegee vertical swirls. So…anyone know how to do one like that? i’ve searched the archives a thousand times and have found useful information but it was stuff i already knew…

Also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the cutlap. Im very worried because my cutlap on the bottom lamination didn’t turn out well but it didn’t matter because it was a clear lamination. however, if i’m planning on doing a resin swirl lamination on the deck and the cutlap doesn’t come out perfectly its going to look baaad. Please - a someone detailed instruction of the V swallow tail cutlap so that the resin swirl comes out looking niiice. hate to bombard all you swaylockers with ?'s, but posca pinlines are not working for us, to get really nice ones do you just tape off the line on the hotcoat and use a pen? or resin? or paint?

           P.S. - i'm a longboarder - not too skilled with a shortboard : /,  i've heard       conflicting stories but are fish easy to get up on?

THANK YOU for anything,


Grobeyy: Just about everything you want to know is in the archives. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION, OKAY?

Now for answers.

1… you don’t say how the swallow cutlap went wrong, how can we help?

2… as for a swirl over another lam, I think you’re gonna have a problem. It’s like this: you’re trying to evenly spread colored resin over a “textured” surface. Naturally, there will be places (like between the strands of the previous lam, and at the edge of the previous lam) where the colored resin will be deeper, thus the color will be more pronounced. Shoulda done the swirl in the first lam, or on the foam, then glassed totally clear and free-lapped. But here you are. I say go ahead, do it anyway. At the cut edge, God and Swaylockers and all the boardmakers who have gone before, rise up in unison and say “That’s what pinstripes are for”.

3… Now you’re gonna ask how to do a nice resin pin. Go to the archives, okay? No really, here it is in short strokes: sand the hotcoat to 220 where the pin will go. Tape it off using Scotch 233, not some other cheapo tape. Smear the edge of the tape that will border the pin with a little resin, to seal the tape well. I use UV cure lam for this. Let it set. Before you catalyze the (finishing, sanding or lam w/surfacing agent) resin for the pin, make sure that the color is adequately dense. A trial on something will be useful. Only when you know the color is sufficiently dense, catalyze and brush it on. Maintain a wet edge. Once around to the board to spread, then once again to smooth it. Pull the tape immediately. Clean up and spills or drips on the board, clean the brush, clean your hands and come back and tell us about it.

Howzit grobeyy, First, are you using UV or catalyzed resin. One trick is not to stir but as you add the second color to the batch, do it in circles from about 4 feet above the main batch container. This will let gravity take over and the second color should sink towards the bottom of the container.The next step is to pour the resin in pools that will overlap when you squeegee the resin. I do foam resin stains this way and it will work also if you are doing the lamination instead. The thing is you never really know how it will come out, but even the ones that weren’t what I wanted still looked good and the customer was very happy with the results. Hope this helps. Going to do a resin foam stain today and will try to take pictures.Aloha,Kokua

This is a resin swirl I used to separate some coloured panels, you can see I ran out of orange!!

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