"New" CON surfboards?

So ive seen new con surfboards, and there listed for sale fairly cheaply, but the website is currently down. does anybody know if these boards are any good, or are they foreign nockoffs?


any way, if they are good boards is the cc rider a good pintail?

it was late 60’s(68?),and our neighbor in Tahiti was an airline pilot who flew for UTA,going to Paris through L.A. He brought me back an orange board,with CON on it.In French,Con means asshole,idiot,etc…All my friends were envious of that board,first because it was actually new and in one piece,and of course because of that logo.Can’t remember what became of that board.

A simple Google search led to some random site where there was a discussion of Con Surfboards. Bob Purvey posted, and stated that he owns the rights to The Ugly and Super Ugly. He said he had to order the owner of Con Surfboards to stop using those labels. His comments were posted a while ago (May’10 ?), but his website is still up and he might know who’s using the Con name these days. He was the designer and team rider with Con when they were making The Ugly.

His email is :


Anderson Surfboards was making the newer "Con's".  I don't know who owns the license or if anyone is actively marketing them now. Been a long time since Con passed away.  It would be kinda like buying a new Dave Sweet or Wardy. The logo is the same, but...


Used to hang out in Con’s shop on Pico back in the early 60s.  It was down the street from my high school so we grems would walk up there on lunch break.  Tatami mats on the floor, boards lining the walls and that reek of resin coming out of the back room: that was about all there was to it.  A real “bare bones” surf shop.  Con, Sweet and Weber pretty much dominated the market in that area.

Chinese imports from that lovely Stokes couple that now owns the license.


thats unfortunate. although it would still be interesting to see what the ones they have look like. theres another website, consurfboards.com i think, i was on it once but since i havent been able to load it. i wonder if that site is seperate from "degree33"? especially because none of the "CON" surfboards that degree33 sells are actually CON models, such as the "Rider", or the "Summer Soul", where as if memory serves me correctly the other website listed them as correct CON models, such as the C.C Rider etc.

problably chasing a dead end, but what the hell.