New Digital Graphics Printing

My friend and I just started a surfboard graphics company. We are digitally printing on rice paper and other fabric materials. We are mostly selling to shapers and glassers. We are able to keep costs very low and privide high quality art and a reasonable price arond $35 range.

I would like to get some input on our board graphics, please let me know what ya think of them. We are also printing anyone’s custom art, including logos for $10 per 2 sq ft  any colors and no min required or setup fee.

I have about 35 on my site;






can you do logo's that you dont see through after the resin is on it?

like if I lam one over the stringer will the stringer show under the logo?

heres my logo can you copy it?

large and small


never mind

Hello Ken,

The lams are transparent so you would be able to see stringer but your logos would look really good with our digital process.



We are rolling out 80 new designs for the new year, please check back with us soon.

We are also offering 1/2 off of for the first design to test and try our rice paper graphics.

Please emial me at for a catalog and material sample.