New Epoxy & Polyester Resin Amount Per Board Length Chart

Thanks Brian!

This, along with Swied’s epoxy-weight-mix chart and I am set!

I just tried the ratio on my first fusions instal and I reckon it should be halved on the chart. On a positive note I had a repair board prepped and ready to go so I was able to kill two birds! 

Does anyone use volume measurements for resin?

I just installed two more Fusions boxes and 15 grams epoxy per box is a good amount.

Greg Loehr might.

Anybody have this chart in grams? I printed it a long time ago but cant seem to find the file now

had to dig that one out since I am before my first glass job.

I rechecked those tables, the green light one and the one Zourite posted and a version I did myself.
Brian from Greenlight confirmed in the post above its by weight (what would be the goal i think) but the current version says now its fluid ounces Greenlight Chart

Since the values are the same (old one that is apparently in oz weight and new one oz fluid ounces) I am highly confused.

I did a quick calulcation for my Epoxy (RR Bio Science) and I got the following results

Note I only included 1 layer 6oz cloth and recommended amount currently as a test. If this is correct I will include the rest.

I used US fluid ounzes conversion, not the Imperial one.

So they differ a bit. Anyone has any insight on that?

That is likely mixed “volume.”
So amount differences by volume or weight should only be slightly different.
Test batch is a good approach…

Quick update since I glassed my first board now: maybe it’s clear for more experienced shaper/glasser:
the green light chart is for foam boards. For wooden boards you need way less epoxy. Usually only one layer of glass and wood not absorbing as much I would say.

As a reference: I used 9fl Oz epoxy +4.5 fl Oz hardener for my 6’3" mini Simmons and 6oz Glass compared to the 29 fl Oz of the chart.