New Foam Store in Ventura

Foam, Fins & Fiberglass just opened in Ventura about two weeks ago. They sell Walker foam blanks. The service there is great. Scott is the most helpful person i’ve talked to. He helped me a lot with my first board.

I know these stores are a rarity so i just wanted to let you all know.

Here’s his flyer.

They also carry Resin Research Epoxies. Should be an excellent recource. Scott seems to know his stuff. Just opening.

do they have a website? couldn’t find one with google…

Straight out of “The Omen” ;-)…just got all my tools back (a looong story, also straight out of “The Omen” in many ways). Don’t have a workspace yet but it’s probably through raining for the year in Southern California.

I stopped in yesterday and talked with Scott for awhile. He’s a nice guy and is doing a good job of building his stock. It’s going to take some time to fill the place out but he seems like he’s got it together. I bought some Additive F and will have a chance to test it out tonight.

Side note: Apparently a couple of Big Name local shapers showed concern with his shop opening. They think it’s going to create competition for them? I don’t see how opening a supply shop is going to cause them any financial woes. Afterall, there are a limited number of us that shape our own boards and even then, most of us will still buy professionally made boards every so often.

Oh yeah, he also carries Bridwell Britches. Very Nice Indeed!!!